PCT, CPT, S-TREM1 and Neopetrin as inflammatory biomarkers Detection, DNA sequencing, 3D Protein and recording a new gene in cancer children with Respiratory tract infection

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Azhar AL-Musawi
Ihsan E. Alsaimary
Hussam M. Salih


Biomarkers, genetic, cancer, RIT, protein, genes, DNA sequencing


The aim of this study was to determine molecular detection of inflammatory biomarkers (PCT, CPT, S-TREM1 and Neopetrin) by using DNA sequencing, 3D Protein to give acknowledge about the roles of these biomarkers among cancer’s patients with Respiratory tract Basrah province. DNA sequencing of PCT, CPT, S-TREM1, and Neopetrin has shown that there is a convergence between studied PCT and that of the Gen Bank database (NCBI) with identity 91/96 (95%) in forward PCT. A case-control study included 100 confirmed cancer's patients with Respiratory infection and 100 children as a control group. There was a convergence between studied CPT isolated and that of the Gen Bank database (NCBI) with identity 186/190(98%) in forward CPT that had been recorded four mutations appeared in (GGG to GGC), (GTA to GTC), (GGT to GGG) and (CC-to CCC). The forward CPT shown an identity144/145(99%) when compared with Gen Bank database (NCBI) one mutations reported as (CC-to CCC), (TCT to TCG), (GT-to GTG) and (TG-to TGG) in isolated s-trem1 that had been recorded. The reverse CPT had an identity 344/349 (99%), which is similar to that of the Gen Bank data. There was a convergence between studied Neopeterin isolated and that of the GenBank database (NCBI) with identity 166/167(99%) in forward Neopetrin that had been recorded one mutation appeared in (TGA to TG-). The reverse s-trem1 shown an identity 327/328(99) when compared with Gen Bank database that found one mutations was, (CGC to CG-). Neopetrin shown an identity 166/169(98%) when compared with Gen Bank database (NCBI) three mutations reported as (GGT to GGG), (TG- to TGT), (GA to GA-) and (TGA to TG-). No previous studies about the same this mutation in biomarkers. The present study sequencing of PCT, CPT, S-TREM1 and Neopetrin that showed partial a convergence between study PCT isolated and that of the GenBank database (NCBI) with identity 47/47(100%) PCT. A four mutations appeared as (S to P), (Y to S), (Ito GAB) and (R to Q). There convergence between study S-TREM1 isolated and that of the GenBank database (NCBI) with identity 71/74(96%) in S- TREM1 had a three mutations appeared as (M to I), (I to G) and (E to D). No previous studies interested studied in 3D protein with biomarkers. Neopetrin isolated and N-methylenyl methionine isolated showed high convergence between the two, with identity 103/104 (99%) and 99% convergence.

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