Development of an RP-HPLC Method to estimation Glimepiride in Bulk and Solid Dosage Form

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Khaldoon S. Alhadad
H. N. K. AL-Salman


RP-HPLC Method, Estimation of Glimepiride, Bulk & Solid Dosage Form, Linearity, Accuracy, Precision, System suitability


Aim: Two straightforward and touchy RP-HPLC techniques for the quantitative estimation of Glimepiride in mass and drug portion structures have been contrived in this review.
Material & Methods: Glimepiride was resolved utilizing a RP-HPLC technique using a C-18 evenness section and a portable period of methanol: phosphate support pH 4.0 (50:50 V/V). The versatile stage was siphoned at a pace of 0.5 ml/min, and the location was done at a frequency of 239 nm.
Results: 2.470 minutes was discovered to be the retention time. Linearity, Accuracy, Precision, System Suitability, LOD, LOQ, Ruggedness, and Robustness are all validated for this approach. The proposed method is an excellent way to get accurate results and has been demonstrated to be suitable for regular Glimepiride analysis in bulk and dose forms.
Conclusion: The method was used to find out how much of a compound was included in commercial pharmaceutical dosage forms. The approach is straightforward, repeatable, and accurate, and it is a better option for routine quality control than other chromatographic techniques.

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