The value of pre and postoperative Quality of life after parathyroid glands Resection in patients with hyperparathyroid.

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Dr. Mohammed Tareq Mohammed
Dr. Ali Mohammed Ali Ridha
Dr. Tareq Jawad kadem Al-Rubayee
Dr. Ali Tariq Thanoon Yahya
Abbas AbdulWahhab Jumaah


hyperparathyroid; QoL, SWAL-QOL; Depression; and Dysphagia.


Background. Hyperparathyroidism is a disease that develops with increased production of parathyroid hormone and is manifested by a violation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism

Objective. This study aims to assess the value of quality of life before and after surgery in patients with hyperparathyroidism.

Methods. In this study, the data were analyzed statistically according to the IBM SOFT SPSS 22 program Where demographic information and data for this study were collected from several different hospitals in Iraq with a study period of 2020-2021.

The results were recorded in this study according to the SWAL QOL questionnaire before surgery and 6 months after it to know the quality of life for patients.


 in this study, 40 patients were collected, the ages of the patients ranged between 40-70 years, and they were distributed according to gender (male 25 with  patient (62.5%), female  were 15 patients with (37.5%),the patients were distributed according to concentration of calcium in the blood where found a statistically significant relationship was found between calcium level and quality of life before parathyroidectomy


We conclude from this study on the improvement of the patient's condition according to the quality of life scale, where parathyroid glands Resection  leads to an improvement in the patient's health in physical function, mental health and vital activity

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