Published: 2018-10-22


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Integrated Care Pathway Project: Evaluation of Patient Outcomes and System Efficiencies

Ola S Norrie, Rose Dziadekwich, Raquel Fernandes, Colleen J Metge
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Impact of Azithromycin on Pregnancy Prolongation in Women at Risk of Preterm Labor: A Time-To-Event Analysis

Isabelle Goyer, Gabrielle Ferland, Ni Ruo, Caroline Morin, Marie-Sophie Brochet, Lucie Morin, Ema Ferreira
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Cancer Patients' Willingness to Routinely Complete the EQ-5D Instrument at Clinic Visits

Hiten Naik, Xin Qiu, M. Catherine Brown, Mary Mahler, Henrique Hon, Kyoko Tiessen, Henry Thai, Valerie Ho, Christina Gonos, Rebecca Charow, Vivien Pat, Margaret Irwin, Lindsay Herzog, Anthea Ho, Wei Xu, Doris Howell, Soo Jin Seung, Geoffrey Liu, Nicole Mittmann
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The Canadian Association for Population Therapeutics 2016: 20 Years of CAPT: How Far We Have Come

The Canadian Association for Population
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Shenzhen Yao, Lisa M. Lix, Wenbin Li, Yvonne Shevchuk, Gary Teare, Anne Champagne, Sharyle Fowler, David F. Blackburn
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