Published: 2020-09-02

Special Issue - Emerging Approaches in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Effect of a standard schema of self-monitoring blood glucose in patients with poorly controlled, non-insulin treated type 2 diabetes mellitus: A controlled longitudinal study.

Bruno Madeo, Chiara Diazzi, Antonio R M Granata, Marwan El Ghoch, Carla Greco, Stefania Romano, Sara Scaltriti, Vincenzo Rochira
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Experimental evidence on the efficacy of two new metabolic modulators on mitochondrial biogenesis and function in mouse cardiomyocytes

Laura Tedesco, Fabio Rossi, Chiara Ruocco, Maurizio Ragni, Michele O. Carruba, Alessandra Valerio, Enzo Nisoli
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The Role of Vegan Diets in Lipotoxicity-Induced Beta-Cell Dysfunction in Type-2-Diabetes

Maximilian Andreas Storz
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