Published: 2020-05-04

Position Statement

Let food be the medicine, but not for coronavirus: Nutrition and food science, telling myths from facts

Marwan El Ghoch, Alessandra Valerio
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The comparison of the effectiveness of lincocin® and azitro® in the treatment of COVID-19-associated pneumonia: A prospective study

Oguz Guvenmez, Hüseyin Keskin, Burak Ay, Suayip Birinci, Muhammed Furkan Kanca
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Antirheumatic drugs for COVID-19 treatment based on the phases of the disease: Current concept

Marco Valentini, Hassan Zmerly
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Covid-19: A systemic disease treated with a wide-ranging approach: A case report

Rosanna Massabeti, Maria Stella Cipriani , Ivana Valenti
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Obesity and higher risk for severe complications of COVID-19: What to do when the two pandemics meet

Alessandra Valerio, Enzo Nisoli, Andrea P Rossi, Massimo Pellegrini, Tiziana Todesco, Marwan El Ghoch
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Handwashing in averting infectious diseases: Relevance to COVID-19

Mainul Haque
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For the future and possible ensuing waves of COVID-19: A perspective to consider when disseminating data

Michael Kwok, Linh Tran
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Letter to Editor

How to organize an Emergency Department during the COVID-19 pandemic

Elena Silvagni, Maria Stella Cipriani, Ivana Valenti
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