Published: 2018-11-06


Decisions in a Time of Change: New Frontiers in Health Policy, HTAS, and Methods

Association for Population Therapeutics- Association Canadienne pour la Therapeutique des Populations
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Budget Impact Analysis of Using Omeprazole Immediate-Release Oral Suspension in Replace of Intravenous Pantoprazole in Critically Ill Patients

Nagmeh Foroutan, Fanak Fahimi, Yasamin Dabin, Arash Foroutan, Maryam Habibi, Jamshid Salamzadeh
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La Polypharmacie: Enjeux Methodologiques a Considerer

Caroline Sirois, Valérie Émond
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Using a Common Form for Consistent Collection and Reporting of FASD Data from Across Canada: A Feasibility Study

Sterling Clarren, Celeste I. Halliwell, Christine M. Werk, Rolf J. Sebaldt, Annie Petrie, Christine Lilley, Jocelynn Cook
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