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Sabah Hassan


Facial asymmetry, Condylar hyperplasia, Trauma


Post Traumatic Condylar Hyperplasia Condition which is increasing in the total number of the cells due to increased activity Which exist only for so long as that activity or the stimulus is applied, when it is removed, the tissue returns to normal, however, a secondary structural alteration in the general architecture due to a accompany degeneration may render a complete return to normal impossible. Mandibular asymmetry following condylar injury is poorly documented as a cause of a facial asymmetry. leFort1 (low-level fracture) osteotomies and bilateral sagittal mandibular osteotomies which are comprehensive surgical plan correct the facial deformity together with the occlusion. An innovation of new clinical concept been used in correction the facial deformity in 11 patients with post traumatic condylar hyperplasia condition (syndrome) by applying a new modified allo plastic material (subperiosteal acrylic implant)

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