The Impact of Pre-Diabetes on Postoperative Outcomes in Cardiac Surgery Patients: A Comprehensive Analysis

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1Dr. Talha Mazhar, 2Dr Zubair Ahmed, 3Kashaf Munir, 4Dr Aniba Tabassum, 5Dr Irslan hussain khan, 6Dr. Imran Aslam, 7Kashif Lodhi


Pre-diabetes, Cardiac surgery, Postoperative outcomes, Complications, Length of hospital stay, Mortality rates.


Pre-diabetes is a significant health condition considered by elevated blood sugar levels that are not high enough to be classified as diabetes. Previous studies have suggested a potential link between pre-diabetes and adverse postoperative outcomes in various surgical populations, but comprehensive data specifically related to cardiac surgery patients have been limited.

Aim: This research intended to investigate effect of pre-diabetes on postoperative outcomes in individuals enduring cardiac surgery, focusing on problems, length of hospital stay, and mortality rates.

Methods: A retrospective cohort study was led on 90 patients who suffered cardiac surgery between March 2023 and February 2024. Individuals were categorized into two groups based on their preoperative blood sugar levels: those with pre-diabetes and those with normal glucose levels. Data on postoperative outcomes, including complications (e.g., infections, arrhythmias, and renal failure), length of hospital stay, and 30-day mortality rates, were collected and studied using statistical methods to compare two groups.

Results: The research population included 45 patients with pre-diabetes and 45 patients with normal glucose levels. Patients with pre-diabetes demonstrated the higher incidence of postoperative complications compared to these having normal glucose levels. Specifically, the pre-diabetic group had the significantly higher rate of infections (20% vs. 10%, p<0.05) and arrhythmias (15% vs. 5%, p<0.05). The average length of hospital stay was also longer for pre-diabetic patients (10 days vs. 7 days, p<0.01). However, there was no substantial variance in 30-day mortality rates among two groups (4% vs. 2%, p=0.56).

Conclusion: The findings indicated that pre-diabetes was related with an enlarged danger of postoperative problems and longer hospital stays in individuals suffering cardiac surgery. These results highlight importance of early detection and management of pre-diabetes in the preoperative assessment to improve postoperative outcomes in this patient population.

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