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Fazli Hadi
Waqar Ahmad Kaleem
Zubair Ahmad
Abdur Rauf
Naveed Muhammad


Taxus Walliciana, analgesic, muscle relaxant, sedation


Traditionally, Taxus Walliciana has been used to treat various ailments, including cancer, pain, convulsions, and fever. This study investigated the analgesic, muscle relaxant, and sedative effects of the crude extract of the whole Taxus Walliciana plant. The results showed a significant (p < 0.001) analgesic effect, with 88% attenuation of writhing. However, the extract did not exhibit central analgesic activity in the hot plate model. A short-term muscle relaxant effect was observed, with 33% and 75% efficacy in the traction and inclined plane models, respectively. No sedative effect was noted. In conclusion, the crude extract of Taxus Walliciana demonstrates analgesic and muscle relaxant properties, warranting further investigation into its potential therapeutic applications

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