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Muhammed Hussein Saleh
Bayan Abdulla Hassan


leveling, alignment, double wire


The goal of the initial stage of orthodontic therapy, alignment, is to realign the teeth's contact sites by correcting rotations and crowding. Two of the most popular indices  for orthodontic treatment outcome are the Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) index and the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Objective Grading System ,This study was designed to observe the treatment efficiency between double slot (double wire) and single slot (single wire )  on participants undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment for leveling and alignment. This randomized clinical trial (observational study) was conducted on Patients awaiting treatment at the College of Dentistry at Hawlere Medical University . All patients who gave verbal and written informed consent were included in the study, which was approved by the ethics committee of the Hawler Medical University College of Dentistry after was registered by Sri Lanka Clinical Trials ( SLCTR/2022/015.). After properly diagnosing . using digital cephalometry, OPG, intraoral and extraoral photos, and intra-oral scanning of each patient was held before starting treatment and after 3month of  of alignments. There was no statistically significant differences between single and double wire cases regarding PAR and ABO parameters before intervention, p-values were more than 0.05. for both indices. The results showed that there was no statistically significant difference between these two methods of alignment according to PAR index statistically showed nonsignificant while for ABO showed significant difference.

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