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Dipti R. Wadhwani
Ritesh B. Wadhwani


COVID-19, mucormycosis, Diabetes mellitus, maxillectomy, obturator


Background: The surge in cases of COVID-19 in India during the second wave of the pandemic was associated with increased reporting of invasive mucormycosis. The most common type was rhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis, with many cases showing involvement of palate and maxilla. Management included antifungal therapy and aggressive surgical debridement, with maxillectomy performed in many patients.

Materials and Methods: A cross‑sectional analytical study was performed in department of Dentistry at a Government Medical College Hospital in central region of India. A total of 108 cases of post-COVID-19 mucormycosis were included in the study. Complete case history including the treatment received for COVID‑19, presence of any co-morbidity, imaging findings and histopathological findings were recorded. Presence of oral findings pertinent to mucormycosis were recorded. Data was collected regarding treatment received by the patients.

Results: 77 (71.3%) patients were males and 31 (28.7%) patients were females. 79 (73.1%) patients had Diabetes mellitus as co-morbidity. 69 (63.9%) patients received inhalational oxygen therapy, 82 (75.9%) patients received injection steroid and 52 (48.1%) patients received injection remdesivir. 71 (65.7%) patients showed presence of oral manifestations of mucormycosis. 33 (30.6%) patients had multiple draining sinuses over periodontium, 51 (47.2%) patients had swelling/ulcer/black eschar/bone exposure over palate or maxillary/mandibular bone and 59 (54.6%) patients showed pain/mobility/tenderness of teeth. All the patients received systemic anti-fungal therapy. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) was performed in 105 patients. 55 patients underwent maxillectomy and two patients underwent endoscopic maxillectomy. Three patients underwent marginal mandibulectomy. Prosthetic obturator with complete/partial denture was fabricated for 14 patients.

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