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Dr Zoheb Rafique Memon
Fatima Soomro
Almas Ashraf
Chhagan Lal
Dr. Farah Deeba Shaikh
Dr. Aqsa Fatima
Prof. Dr. Khalida Naz Memon


: Cognizance, Observance, Patients’ rights, Health, Doctors, Perspectives.


Objective: To assess cognizance and observance of rights of patients among doctors and their association with socio-demographic profile of doctors. 

Study Design: Cross sectional study.

Setting: Medical & surgical wards of Liaquat University Hospital Hyderabad and Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan.   

Period: 1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022.

Material & Methods: Data was collected on 417 consenting doctors working in designated wards; the relevant data was collected on a validated questionnaire with a pre-tested validity of 0.74. A 4-point Likert scale was used to seek doctors’ perspectives on 20 most important aspects of patients’ rights. Data was analyzed in SPSS version 26.0 for windows. The cumulative mean ± standard deviation for cognizance regarding patients’ rights among doctors were calculated. The observance of patients’ rights was classified into 4 components as per standard classification. The chi-square, t-test & one-way ANOVA test were applied to analyze required associations at p-value 0.05 taken as cut-off for significant results.

Results: Female preponderance (52.04%), house officers & internees (50.84%) were recorded. All aspects of socio-demographic fabric reveal statistically significant associations with their cognizance towards patients’ rights (p= 0.004 for gender, p = 0.000 for marital status, p = 0.005 for educational status and p = 0.002 for designation); while regarding observance of patients’ rights, significant results were obtained for gender of the doctors as well as for level of education (p = 0.01 & 0.005, respectively).

Conclusion: There is a significant difference between the levels of cognizance & observance regarding patients ‘rights among doctors. 

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