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Abeer Hassan Alkhamis
Suad Abdullah Al-Nasser
Laila Abdullah Almhaysen
Naeemah Hussain Al Qanbar
Aqilah Mahdi Almohsen
Amal Ali Aldhamen
Jalila Salman Al Shurfa
Fatimah Abbas Al Jaroodi
Kholoud Abbad A Alabbad




Nursing is vital in ensuring patient safety and providing quality patient care. Throughout the history of nursing, the role of nurses and the nature of nursing care has been defined in many ways. From an early emphasis on a task-oriented medical model of care to the current dynamic and multifaceted nursing practice, the definition and scope of nursing continue to evolve. The evolution of the healthcare system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) provides a useful case study of how changes in the nature and structure of healthcare services influence nursing practice.

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