Endoscopic Excision of Benign Breast lumps: A Review Article

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Mohamed Nazeih Ramadan ; Nawel Elsayed Hussien ; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelhamid ; Adel Mahmoud Attia


Benign Breast Lesions, Management, Endoscopic Surgery


Many women may be concerned about their health because benign breast disorders happen frequently from the early stages of pregnancy to the postmenopausal years. Benign breast disease is common among women. Conservative non-operative treatment and surgical excision are two options for managing benign breast tumours. Oncoplastic breast conserving surgery, which combines glandular replacement or rearrangement with strategically placed incisions, emerged as the gold standard for breast conserving surgery due to the need for more aesthetically pleasing results. Over the past 20 years, minimally invasive or minimum access breast surgery has received a lot of attention as patients and breast surgeons want better cosmetic results. This article aimed to review endoscopic excision for management of benign breast lumps.

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