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Naif Ahmed Alomari
Mahir Ayesh Alenzi
Khalaf Falah Alsulami
Salman Salem Alzahrani
Saeed Ibrahim Alshaikhi


psychiatric nursing, history, future directions, technology, holistic care, cultural competence


This essay explores the future directions in psychiatric nursing from the perspective of history. The aim is to highlight the advancements and changes that have occurred in psychiatric nursing over the years and to discuss the potential future directions for the field. The essay begins with an introduction to the topic, followed by a review of the historical context of psychiatric nursing. It then outlines the method used to gather information and presents the results obtained. The discussion section examines the future directions in psychiatric nursing, including the incorporation of technology, the focus on holistic care, and the importance of cultural competence. Finally, a conclusion summarizes the main findings and emphasizes the need for continued growth and development in the field of psychiatric nursing.

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