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Mohammed Abu Hadeen Hassan Al Jubran
Nasser Shaleh Obied Almutairi
Abdullah Saeed Ali Alshamrani
Mohammed Mofarrih Hadi Alfaifi
Sarah Abdullah Hassan Musawi
Mona Tariq Tawfiq Aldaijy


removable prosthodontics, dental implants, occlusion, evidence-based, occlusal scheme


Removable prosthodontics and dental implants play a crucial role in restoring oral function and improving the quality of life for individuals with missing teeth. The occlusion of these prosthetic restorations is of paramount importance for their long-term success. This literature review aims to explore the evidence-based considerations for achieving optimal occlusion in removable prosthodontics and dental implants. Various factors, including occlusal scheme, occlusal material, occlusal forces, and occlusal adjustment techniques, are discussed. The findings highlight the need for meticulous planning, careful execution, and regular maintenance to ensure successful occlusion in removable prosthodontics and dental implants.

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