Socket Preservation Using Autogenous Tooth Graft: An in vivo study

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Mostafa kamal Aql ; Amr Aly El-Swify ; Abdelbadia Abdullah Abdelmabood ; Mohamed Hassan Eid


Autogenous Tooth Graft ; Socket Preservation ; Mineralized dentin


Tooth loss is still considered an epidemic condition affecting populations in different areas of the world. The aim of the present study was to evaluate efficiency of using autogenous tooth graft for socket preservation clinically and radiographically. Patients and methods: Seventeen patients with two single rooted teeth indicated for extraction in the same dental arch. The two extraction sockets were allocated to Group A (test group): Socket grafted with autogenous tooth graft; and Group B (control group): Socket left ungrafted (control). Results: There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups as regard age or sex. Concerning Buccal bone loss, There was statistically significant difference between the two groups at day 90 (P=0.045) and Change (P<0.001). There was statistically significant difference between the two groups regarding Mean alveolar bone thickness at day 90 (P=0.03) and Change (P<0.001). With regard to bone density, There was statistically significant difference between the two groups at day 90 (P=0.045) and Change (P<0.001). There were strong significant correlations between Bone density and Buccal Labial (day 1), Alveolar Thickness (day 1) (P<0.0001). Conclusion: Mineralized dentin particulate can be used as a good autogenous graft material that can replace other autogenous graft material with no need for additional donor site, it can be used for socket preservation giving favorable results reducing vertical and horizontal bone loss and gives high bone density values after three months.

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