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Dr. Rinku Bishwas
Mushfique Ali Khan
Dr. Ruchi Biswas
Dr. Mohammed Salauddin


Behaviour,Adolescent, Homoeopathy, Mental Disorder, ADHD, etc


Mental health is vital for the growth and productivity of every society and for a healthy and happy life.Adolescence is often associated with behavioural problems. Student disruption, aggression and academic failure are a problem in schools across nation. Problems behaviour is socially defined as a problem which is undesirable by the social and/or legal norms of accustomed society and its institutions of authority. This behaviour often brings out some form of social control response, either minimal, such as a statement of disapproval, or extreme, such as incarceration. A number of evidences have revealed that young people tend to get involve in offending, substance abuse and truanting, which signify that they are at risk of developing a constant pattern of problem behaviour. Research has acknowledged the fact  that school delinquency and substance use are a constellation of adolescent behaviours related directly to negative trajectories in adolescence and adulthood

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