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Dr. Ilayanila C
Dr. Farsana A
Dr. Freeda S
Dr. Gayathri K V
Jeyapriya S
Dr. Sathishkumar M


Squamous cell carcinoma, Tongue neoplasm, malignant


The most common carcinoma affecting the oral mucosa is oral squamous cell carcinoma, with prevalence seen in the age groups above 50 years in males and with rare occurrence below 30 years. Studies reveal approximately 30-40 % of deaths in oral squamous cell carcinoma occur due to various tissue abuse habits. The present case defines a classic incident of oral squamous cell carcinoma concerning the tongue in a male having 50 years of age. Oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma (OTSCC) is becoming more common. Our region has a relatively higher rate of OTSCC because to the use of tobacco, alcohol, beetle nuts, and inadequate dental hygiene.

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