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Dr.Sandhiya .M
Dr.Abarna . S
Dr.Anirutha. S. A
Dr.Anshu Priya .B
Dr.Karthika P. Mds
Dr.Sathishkumar M. Mds


Betel quid, areca nut, morbidity, mortality, Keratin pearls


Squamous cell carcinoma (OCSCC) of the oral cavity is the most prevalent kind of oral cancer. The use of tobacco products, alcohol, betel quid, areca nut, and mutations in genes are the main risk factors for OCSCC.The research indicates that 9% of all oral carcinomas are OSCCs of the alveolar ridge. Due to its clinical resemblance to other types of inflammatory gingival lesions, it is frequently misinterpreted. It is imperative that the dentist has detailed knowledge of the clinical presentation of this lethal disease, since early diagnosis and fast treatment can reduce the disease's morbidity as well as mortality. Though therapy has advanced technologically, late diagnosis lowers survival; as a result, new therapeutic approaches are always being researched

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