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Muhammad Kashif Munir
Saba Shamim
Muhammad Amer Nazir
Sana Rehman
Ayesha Aftab
Asif Hanif
Muhammad Saqib Saeed


GeneXpert, Multidrug resistant, Acquired & Primary resistance, Diagnosis, Susceptibility


Drug resistance tuberculosis may be primary or acquired based on treatment history of prior tuberculosis and it is necessary to observe the patterns of resistant among both groups. Purpose of this research was to compare the patterns of drug resistance among primary and acquired drug resistant tuberculosis patients found rifampicin resistant by Xpert MTB/RIF Assay. This cross sectional comparative study was conducted through collaboration among IMBB The University of Lahore and HRI-NIH TB Research Centre Mayo Hospital Lahore during. Pulmonary TB patients provided sputum samples which were processed for Xpert MTB/RIF Assay, smear preparation for Auramin staining, culture and drug susceptibility on Lowenstein Jensen medium. Data of 170 patients was analyzed presently consisting of 86 (50.6%) primary and 84 (49.4%) acquired drug resistance cases, 90 (52.9%) males and 80(47.1%) were females. Presently 133 (78.3%) cases were found to have multidrug resistant tuberculosis. Around 2.9% cases remained susceptible to all drugs while 6.4% cases remained susceptible to rifampicin by drug proportion method. Higher rates of drug resistance as well as multidrug resistant tuberculosis were endorsed in acquired drug resistance cases as compared to primary drug resistance cases primarily diagnosed by Xpert MTB/RIF Assay.

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