Management of Tempro-Mandibular Joint Internal Derangement: A review Article

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Osama Bahaa Khidr; Amr Aly El-Swify; Mohamed Hassan Eid


Tempro Mandibular Joint ; Internal Derangement ; Arthrocentesis


Tempro-Mandibular Joint disorders (TMD) considered the third stomatological disease in regard to inhabitant illness owing to its chronicity and widespread prevalence. The management of patients with TMD is a challenge, although the clinical examination is the most important step in the diagnosis of TMD, special imaging techniques are needed due to the complex anatomy and pathology. Managements for various TMJ disorders range from physical therapy and nonsurgical treatments to various surgical procedures. Usually, the treatment begins with nonsurgical therapies first, with surgery left as the last option. The aim of the present study was to review the pathophysiology and different modalities in the management of TMD.

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