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Dr. Ajitsingh Pratapsingh Chadha
Dr.Nehadeepkaur Ajitsingh Chadha




Introduction and Objectives

The treatment of meatal stenosis associated with lichen sclerosis is traditionally treated either by meatal dilatation or ventral meatotomy. These operations have high recurrence rates or create a hypospadiac meatus. We present an established technique in the use of a dorsal approach.


A total of 10 patients underwent this operation in a 6 months period.

Mean patient age was 47 years (range 20 to 74) and follow up was 1 year. The operation involves dorsal and ventral meatotomies with an inverted V-shaped relieving incision to correct puckering caused by dorsal meatotomy. Patients were mailed a questionnaire asking if they were pleased with the cosmetic results, and how often and how much they sprayed when passing urine.


The final result is a slit-like but good caliber meatus at the tip of the glans.


During a follow-up of 1 year there were recurrences in 1/10 patients. 90% patients were either happy or very happy with the cosmetic result. This technique can achieve excellent aesthetic results, with low incidence of a spraying stream.

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