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Monawar Shah
Raza Ullah
Yaseen Babar
Ajab Khan


ileostomy, colostomy, purse string closure, linear skin closure


Objective: To assess the outcome parameters between conventional linear versus purse-string suturing

Methodology: Patients presenting for loop-colostomy/ileostomy were included in this randomized trial. We assessed purse-string closing and conventional linear skin closing in terms of outcome parameters such as surgical site infection, pain and scar size.

Results: Group A (Purse-string) showed surgical site infection in 4 (13.3%) while group B 11 (36.7%) (P = 0.03). Group A showed mean scare size 5.16±0.71 cm while group B 8.48±0.89 (P = 0.0001). Group A showed pain on VAS 2.87±1.19 while group B 4.27±2.13 (P = 0.03).

Conclusion: Purse string closing was notably better surgical technique than conventional linear skin closing in terms of surgical site infection, pain and scar size in patients undergoing loop colostomy/ileostomy.

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