Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength and failure pattern of three different dentin adhesive systems-An In Vitro Study

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Dr. Bonny Paul
Shiv Kumar Mantri
Kavita Dube
Farheen Akhtar
Niharika Singh
Pallavi Sinha


primer, adhesive, dental, sensitivity, composite resins


Traditionally dentin bonding agents consist of separate components of etchant,
primer and adhesive. Advancements in the field of adhesive dentistry have been aimed at
reducing technique sensitivity by introducing single-bottle or all-in-one dentin bonding
adhesive systems. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the shear bond strength of three
adhesive systems [(G-Bond (GC), Xeno V+ (Dentsply) and Single bond universal (3M)] in
regards to buccal surfaces and dentin depth.

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