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Amira Mohamed Ibrahim Abd El Hameed
Omaima Mohamed Hassan
Hanan Ahmed Abd Almohymen ALfiky


CaSR agonists, Nifedipine, Gentamicin, Cardiovascular parameters, Dose-dependent response.


This study examines the effects of CaSR agonists, specifically nifedipine and gentamicin, on different cardiovascular parameters using both in-vitro and in-vivo trials. Gentamicin demonstrated a dose-dependent decrease in myocardial contraction amplitudes in isolated perfused rabbit hearts. Additionally, it suppressed basal tone and lowered NE-precontracted strip amplitudes in aortic strips. Gentamicin enhanced the cholinomimetic impact of acetylcholine, while suppressing the sympathomimetic impact of isoprenaline and norepinephrine, as well as the stimulating effects of histamine, serotonin, and Ca2+-gluconate.

The interaction trials between gentamicin and nifedipine demonstrated a notable decrease in the amplitudes of cardiac contractions as compared to the use of gentamicin alone. In in-vivo trials on anaesthetized rats, gentamicin elicited a dose-dependent drop in arterial blood pressure and an increase in heart rate. The coadministration of gentamicin with nifedipine led to a more significant decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, accompanied by cardiac ischemia alterations in electrocardiograms.

The results em

phasize the cardiac inhibitory, vasorelaxant, and hypotensive properties of gentamicin, as well as its ability to potentially cause heart ischemic alterations. The combination of nifedipine and gentamicin led to acute cardiovascular failure and widespread ischemia alterations. Exercise caution when administering them together, with particular emphasis on the necessity for meticulous dosage modification and ongoing monitoring of blood pressure and electrocardiogram (ECG). This study emphasizes the necessity for more research to gain a deeper comprehension of the function of calcimimetics in the cardiovascular system and guarantee their secure implementation in the treatment of heart disease.

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