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Joykishan Sharma Hanjabam
Oinam Sangita Devi
Awaiga Collins
Brahmacharimayum Vabananda
Nidhi Brahmacharimayum
Maharabam Anandi Devi
Khuraijam Mrinalini Devi


Covid-19, corona phobia, mental state, anxiety, pandemic


With the elevated level of the covid crisis in the state of Manipur, fear psychosis called corona phobia affects the general populace. A web-based survey conducted in the state looked at the immediate psychological response and associated factors during the first and second wave of pandemic had been cited. We received a total of 113 respondents in two weeks of the online questionnaire circulated addressing the understanding of covid, level of distress, fear, anxiety and precautionary behaviour, economic depression and trustworthy towards the info media. A drastic difference in the understanding of the pandemic, distress level, stress, anxiety, and precautionary behaviour was observed accounting to 86.7% of the respondents in 2nd wave as compare to 35.5% of the first wave. 65% of the participants (2nd wave of pandemic) experienced psychological trauma due to severity of infections, mutant and highly contagious nature of the virus. Anxiety level was more severe during the second wave. The contemporary analysis suggests that it is the need of the hour to intellect those who have less concerned about the crisis of the pandemic and modify their risk behaviour through several ways to culminate the pandemic

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