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Dr. Vimala Devi M
Dr Deepalaxmi S
Dr. Somashekara S C


developmental anomalies, renal surgery, renal vessels, variations


Introduction: The unique manner of the development of the kidneys and renal vessels predisposes them to a wide range of variations and anomalies. Knowledge of anomalous renal blood vessels is very important in clinical and surgical practice. It is very much necessary to have accurate anatomic visualization of kidneys and renal vessels during surgeries especially during renal transplant since the variations and anomalies influence the technical feasibility of surgery.

Objectives: To know the various developmental anomalies pertaining to renal vessels in adult cadavers and term foetuses.

Materials and methods: The dissection method was adopted for the present study. Total number of specimens studied in present work is 30, among which 20 were adult cadavers and 10 were foetal cadavers. Foetuses were obtained from the department of obstetrics and gynaecology. Foetuses were numbered F1 to F10 and cadavers from C1 to C20. Photographs were taken after dissection. As any abnormalities appeared, necessary observations were made and summarised.

Results: Out of 10 foetal & 20 adult cadaver dissections, morphological variations found in the renal arteries was 15% and venous anomalies in 5%, perforating renal arteries in 15%, double renal arteries in 10%, multiple renal arteries 5 %, Additional renal veins were found in 5%, interposition of renal veins at hilum 5%. Of the ten foetuses studied, none revealed any anomaly.

Conclusion: Variations of renal vessels have been encountered with increasing frequency over past few years owing to the technological investigations like angiography and other imaging modalities. Knowledge of these variations is very much essential to perform renal surgeries.

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