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Dr. Nimra Noreen
Dr. Hina Hammad
Dr. Hasan Afaq Zaidi
Dr. Kelash Kumar
Dr. Tayyaba Mumtaz
Dr. Syed Adnan Ahmed
Dr. Sumreen Mujahid


Early childhood caries, Fissure sealants, Preventive Dentistry


Introduction: Early childhood caries affects children and their oral tissues. The methods applicable for the prevention of early childhood caries at a global level are still a long way ahead. Children who display early ECC symptoms, have inadequate dental hygiene, receive minimal fluoride treatment, and are frequently exposed to sugary snacks and beverages are considered high-risk.

Objective: The study aims to assess the effectiveness of fissure sealants in reducing childhood caries incidence among the Pakistani population.

Material and Methods: This comparative study was conducted in one of the Hospitals in Pakistan from June 2022 to December 2022. Almost 120 children belonging to age group 2-5 years were randomly selected for the evaluation procedure. Data was analyzed by using SPSS 23.0.

Results: The results of the study revealed that group of children belonging to the age group 2 to 5 years, the retention rate was 100% after two months, 100% after four months, 88% after six months, 96% after eight months, and 94% after ten months.

Conclusion: The study proved that fissure sealants are effective in reducing early childhood caries.


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