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Muhammad Naveed Aslam
Hussna Khan
Jamshaid Ahmad
Awais Abid
Javed Iqbal Watto


Cancer patients, drug resistance, antibiotics, AMR, antibiotic resistance


A Cross- sectional study was conducted for the detection of nosocomial resistant Beta-lactamase gene (IMP, SPM, AIM and BIC) against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in children undergoing chemotherapy. These genes play a significant role in multi drug resistance. P. aeruginosa is known to cause disease in immunocompromised patients e.g., cancer, HIV patients and burn patients. Also known as “superbug” due to resistant mechanism against the antibiotics. 10-15% of nosocomial infections are being caused by P. aeruginosa worldwide. About 300 samples (blood, sputum, urine & nasal) of children suffering from cancer were collected from a tertiary care hospital and prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes were analysed. Resistance against 13 antibiotics were tested in laboratory with disc diffusion method followed by PCR for the detection of genes. The results showed that the P. aeruginosa isolates were resistant against ulfamethoxazole / Trimethoporim (SXT) 100%, Ciprofloxacin (CIP) 48%, and Ceftozane/Tezobactum (CT) 80%, Cefipime (FEP) 93%, Ceftazidime (CAZ) 40%, Amikacin (AK) 32%, Levofloxacin (LEV) 39% , Meropenem (MEM) 90%, Imipenem (IPM) 95%, Polymixin B (PB) 71%, Gentamicin (CN) 65%, Tobramycin (TOB) 28%, Tazobactum (TZP) 24%.The PCR results showed that 91% isolates were positive for the IMP and 78% was positive for AIM and 68% was positive with SPM and 60% was positive with BIC genes. The prevalence of resistant genes IMP, SPM, AIM, BIC in P. aeruginosa is also on the increase in isolates from cancer patient. These findings are considered beneficial in understanding the mechanism involved in development of antibiotic resistance in P. aeruginosa.

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