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Suchitra Sharma
Ritesh Kumar Tiwari
Nita Yadav


Ghatti gum, grafting technique, characterization, recent application, research & patent


Background: The Anogeissus latifolia (Combretaceae, Myrtales) bark is used to make Ghatti gum. It is an indigenous tree gum to India. Considering its toxicity, mutagenicity, and teratogenicity, the USA regularity status regarded gum ghatti as a safe ingredient in food additives due to their bioavailability, extended accessibility, non-toxicity, and affordable pricing, plant-based gums and mucilages are the main components in many pharmaceutical formulations.

 Objective: The goal of the latest study was to create and describe a new drug delivery polymer that was used to create an innovative drug delivery system. These compete with numerous polymeric materials for use as various medications in the modern days and have made tremendous progress from being an excipient to creative drug carriers.

 Method: In this article we have find all the information of ghatti gum in medicines and related fields have been found in literature, research publications, and patents.

 Result: This paper includes a thorough examination of the grafting procedure as well as developments in the novel gum ghatti medication delivery system.

 Conclusion: In this study article we will provide an overview of the Gum Ghatti and discuss how it may be viewed as a viable polystyrene for creating various novel drug delivery systems

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