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Abdul Sohil Khan
Arpit Shrivastava
Kaynaat Khan
Amit Biswas
Prateek Kumar Jain
Harshita Jain


Convulsions, Epilepsy, Quercus infectoria, Medicinal plants, Phytochemicals, Isoniazid


For the purpose of discovering and create novel antiepileptic drugs, scientists and researchers are still concentrating on medicinal plants as a potential source of lead compounds. Thus this study deals with effect of Quercus infectoria extract on Isoniazid-induced convulsion. The phytochemical studies revealed the presence of volatile oil, Cumarins, anthraquinones, triterpenes, flavonoids, phenol, saponin & tannin. The total flavonoid & phenol conbtent was found to be 13.9±0.21 mgQE/g and 7.30±0.15 mgGAE/g respectively. In case of Q. infectoria the onset of seizure was at 240 seconds while seizure duration lasted for 30 seconds only. Q. infectoria does not showed dose dependent manner but delayed onset of seizure and decreases duration of seizure. This study was the first to study and revealed anticonvulsant activity of Q. infectoria and this could be the better supplement or medication for prevention and treatment of epileptic seizure arising from down regulation of GABAergic transmission oxidative stress. This finding suggests that Q. infectoria supplementation may be used as a potential neuroprotective drug.

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