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Mrs. Ch. Lavanya
Dr. Krishna vaishnavi .P


Internet Addiction, Mental Health, Behavior, Social Isolation, Emotional Problems


Internet addiction and users' mental health, this behavior is characterized by a lack of patience, signs of social isolation, emotional problems, and disruption of social relationships. Both emotional and physical symptoms and signs of internet addiction illness are present. Anxiety, despair, loneliness, and mood swings are some of the main emotional signs of internet addiction. Internet addiction can cause abrupt weight loss and gain, poor nutrition, impaired vision, insomnia, neck discomfort, back pain, and headaches, among other physical symptoms. Some signs of mental health issues brought on by excessive internet use include depression, hopelessness, and losing interest in daily tasks. The biggest problem in the field of mental health is internet addiction. People are becoming more and more callous to society, other living things, and other difficulties as a result of their unneeded and excessive internet use. In the postmodern world, it has developed into a serious illness. It is causing a wide range of psychological illnesses and personality traits in users all over the world.

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