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Nouichi Siham
Mezali Lynda
Kedjtit Youcef
Hemsas Walid
Aissi Meriem


cysticercosis, meat, slaughterhouses, hooks


Muscle cysticercosis is a foodborne parasitic zoonosecaused by infestation with cysts, larval forms of the Taenia tapeworm found in dogs and humans. The infection occurs through the consumption of raw or inadequatelycooked meat. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of infestation by this parasitic disease in sheep and cattle meat. A visual inspection was conducted on a total of 881 sheep carcasses and 264 cattle carcasses at the El-Harrach slaughterhouses. Infested sites were sampled, and the contents of the cysts were observed under an optical microscope. The infestation rate of cysticercosis was found to be 0% in cattle and 4.08% in sheep. Microscopic examination of the recovered live vesicles revealed the presence of cysts with two types of hooks. This study highlights the importance of controlling parasitic diseases, especially those transmitted to humans through meat consumption.

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