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Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh
Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
Dr. Mohit Sharma
Dr. Mohd Asad Khan


Quality of life, heart disease, Childhood morbidity, and mortality, Life expectancy


Introduction - heart diseases are one of the important causes of childhood morbidity and mortality. With advance in medical and surgical techniques life expectancy of children with heart diseases increased so concern shifted toward how quality of life is affected with various type of heart disease and what are important factors which affect QOL. Most heart diseases in children are attributed to congenital malformation of heart but children can also acquire some form of heart disease, most common being rheumatic heart disease.

 Objective: This is a cross sectional observational study, all children with heart disease were enrolled and their demographic and clinical information was collected using pre designed and pre tested proforma. Assessment of quality of life in children with heart disease and various factors affecting it.

 Method: All Children between 2 yrs. to 12 yrs. of age who are diagnosed case of heart disease via 2D echocardiography were included in the study after taking informed written consent from a guardian of the child.

Children with other chronic disease like CKD, CLD were excluded from study.

Quality of life of children was assessed by peds QOL 4 scale. The results were analyzed by SPSS software version 25.

 Results: There were 60 children out of which 28, 17 and 15 are in age group 2-4, 5-7 and 8-12 years respectively, 52 % were male and 48% were female. According to their residence 52% were urban and 48 % belong to rural area. It is found that children belonging to higher socioeconomic status groups experiencing better QOL (quality of life) in all domains (p value 0.015), children with cyanotic heart disease shows poor QOL as compared to acyanotic and rheumatic heart disease (p value 0.04). Children with surgical management showed better QOL as compared to children on medical management. No any significant association was found between QOL age, sex, residence, and maternal educational status.

 Conclusion: In children with heart disease, quality of life is affected by type of heart disease, medical or surgical management, socioeconomic status. It was found that surgical management improves quality of life.

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