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Diana Gabriela Tonato Toapaxi
Johana Michelle Ocapana Taco
Andrea Elizabeth Villarroel Quispe
Christian David Vaca Pillana
Lisbeth Josefina Reales Chacón


Artificial respiration, Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, Respiratory failure, Adult respiratory distress syndrome


Objective: To establish criteria for the management of mechanical ventilation parameters and extracorporeal venous-venous membrane for the treatment of patients with ARDS.

Methods: Two searches were conducted in the PubMed database, from March 29 to April 30, 2019, the process followed the PRISMA guidelines for systematic reviews and meta-analyzes.

Results: 58 articles were identified, 5 met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Hypercapnia was corrected with blood flow (FS) rates of 750 to 1000 ml / min and lung surface area (SP) ≥ 0,8 m2. The SP of 0.4 m2 didn't normalize the pH, even with FS rates of 1000 ml / min. The increase in the sweep gas flow (  FGB) from 2 to 8 l / min increased the CO2 removal from 55 ± 9 to 70 ± 14 ml  / min. The passage from ECMO-VV to VMI was made with the progressive decrease of FGB from 4 to 0 l / min with constant FS.

Conclusion: A good elimination of CO2 and oxygen supply will be achieved only when the triad of gas flow, blood flow and membrane surface is adequate.

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