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Fakher Rahim
Aqeel Mahmood Jawad
Omar Saad Ahmed
Liudmyla Chulinda
Halina Korchova
Kostiantyn Pochka
Nibras Wafaa Jawad


civil aviation, COVID-19, IСAO standards and recommendations, Russian-Ukrainian war, Eurocontrol, International Airport Council


Since the global spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has devastated civil aviation, particularly in Europe, the continent's ability to act as one is of the utmost importance.

This article examines how the pandemic has slowed the expansion of worldwide civilian aviation and how aviation can recover, such as by addressing employee concerns and checking the legitimacy of civil aviation workers' credentials, licenses, and other formal permits to work. Since the flight industry is crucial for the quick and remaining delivery of any kind of support in urgent need (transport of medicines, essential cargo, medical workers, etc.) prior to the removal of the population, the worldwide civilian aviation community has had to strike a delicate balance between the gravity of the global crisis and the need of maintaining a safe brought together approach, which is essential for the harmonization of relief efforts. Following the temporary prohibition on global (and regional) consumer airline flights in 2020 by numerous countries, including Ukraine, the global community was tasked with proposing solutions to restore civil aviation. Key requirements of the Convention on International Civil Aviation for addressing the current sanitary and epidemiological crisis are defined. With this international treaty and the ICAO's rules and recommendations, the air transport system may be effectively regulated and restored throughout the COVID-19 era. The content and effectiveness of standards, recommendations, proposals, and other techniques for preventing and combating the widespread transmission of infectious diseases that impact the operation of civil aviation were examined in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. Combating the detrimental effect of the pandemic on civil aviation requires careful consideration of the pros and drawbacks of various interventions and an evaluation of the associated risks. To ensure the safety of passengers and crew, the efficiency and uniformity of air travel, the protection of the environment, and the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation, this article examines the impact of standards and recommendations, particularly those adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).When demand for air passenger transport will return to pre-pandemic levels on most routes may be determined based on projections made by these groups.


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