Febrile Seizures in Children: What Do We Know?

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Khaled Saad, Eman F. Gad, Anas Elgenidy, Ibrahim Fawzi , Tariq Agina, ElHussein Eladl , David Maher Zaki , Mohammad A. Elshereef , Abd El-Monem M. Hassan




Febrile seizures (FS), which affect 2-5% of children, are the most common seizure disorder in childhood. Febrile seizures pose a significant challenge in pediatric practice due to their high prevalence in children and their tendency to recur. In the assessment of FS, medical practitioners focus on determining the underlying cause of the fever while simultaneously evaluating the child's overall health and developmental status. It is essential to differentiate febrile seizures from other types of seizures, as the latter may require different management approaches. This article provides an update on the current understanding of febrile seizures, along with an overview of their assessment and treatment.

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