Role And Frequency Of Non-Viral Causes In Chronic Liver Disease And Cirrhosis

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FNU Savanti
Sanjna Devi
Kajol Kumari
Anushka Andani


Chronic Liver Disease, cirrhosis, non-viral triggers, excessive alcohol use, metabolic syndrome.


The existing understanding of Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) and cirrhosis has primarily revolved around viral origins, particularly Hepatitis B and C. However, recent research highlights the significant impact of non-viral factors. This study aimed to comprehensively examine and quantify the prevalence and influence of non-viral elements involved in the development and progression of CLD and cirrhosis.
Our research employed a comprehensive methodology, encompassing a meticulous analysis of patient medical records, physical examinations, laboratory findings, and an extensive exploration of various lifestyle variables. The non-viral factors investigated included excessive alcohol consumption, components of metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disorders, drug-induced liver damage, and exposure to environmental toxins. The diverse demographic representation of our study cohort ensured the broad applicability of our findings.
Our findings unequivocally demonstrate that non-viral influences play a substantial role in the onset and progression of CLD and cirrhosis, surpassing previous recognition. Specifically, excessive alcohol use and components of metabolic syndrome emerged as primary non-viral contributors, exhibiting strong associations with disease development and progression. While autoimmune disorders were less prevalent, they displayed significant impact within a specific subset of patients. Additionally, cases of drug-induced liver damage and exposure to environmental toxins exhibited notable correlations.
These groundbreaking findings offer fresh insights into the complex etiology of CLD and cirrhosis, emphasizing the need to shift our attention towards non-viral causes. This enhanced understanding serves as a critical foundation for implementing improved preventive strategies, refining early detection methods, and developing personalized treatment plans, thus advancing the field of liver disease research and clinical care.

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