Influence of Ramadan Fasting on the Fatigue levels and sleep patterns among Dentists in Qassim region, Saudi Arabia – A cross-sectional study

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Gurleen Arora
Mudit Uppal
Hamad Ibrahim Mohammed Alzaidan
Khozama Abdullah Alduhaiman


Ramadan, Fasting, Fatigue, sleep


Ramadan fasting might induce several changes that might affect work performance. Both fatigue as well as sleep are one of the important parameters to be observed for this effect. This study aimed to determine the impact of Ramadan fasting on fatigue as well as sleep of Dentists working in Qassim region of Saudi Arabia. Dentists, working in private as well as Public sector were invited to complete the questionnaire twice, one week before Ramadan and then during the second or third week of Ramadan. Fatigue severity scale (FSS) and the FOSQ 10 to measure the subjective perception of global fatigue and difficulty carrying out daily activities due to sleep problems. The FSS is a self-administered 9-item questionnaire in which each statement is scored between 1 (strongly agree) and 7 (strongly disagree). The FOSQ 10 is also a self-reported questionnaire with ten item questions. Every question can be scored on a 4-point measuring tape (1–4). 121 of them responded and completely filled the questionnaire. The results of the present study showed no significant changes on the overall sleep pattern or fatigue level, though minor changes at subscale were noted.

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