Acupoint Focused Ultrasound Versus Laserpuncture in Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain

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Rania Nagy Karkousha
Dina Ahmed Ahmed Asar
Maher Ahmed ElKeblawy
Mohammed Abd-Elhalim Kadah


Acupoint focused ultrasound, Laserpuncture, Mechanical neck pain.


Background: Mechanical neck pain typically develops gradually and has a variety of causes, including one or more of the following: neck strain, anxiety, bad posture, and activities related to job or sport. Purpose: The purpose of this research was to evaluate the efficacy of Acupoint focused ultrasound vs Laserpuncture in treating chronic mechanical neck pain, specifically in terms of pain intensity, range of motion, as well as neck function
Subjects and methods: The study comprised 45 individuals (aged 30 – 60) experiencing persistent mechanical neck pain, who were randomly split into three groups of equal size. Group (A) Experimental group got laserpuncture on top of traditional treatment, which entailed neck muscular stretching as well as strengthening Group (B) Experimental group got acupoint focused ultrasound along with traditional treatment and Group (C) Control group got traditional treatment only. All participants will receive treatment for 4 weeks, at a frequency of 3x/week. All patients were examined using a visual analogue scale, digital goniometer, as well as the Copenhagen Neck Function Disability Scale before and also after their rehabilitation programs.
Results: There was no substantial difference in Visual analogue scale, Copenhagen neck function disability scale as well as Neck range of motion among the three groups, pretreatment differences (p > 0.05). There was a substantial improvement in visual analogue scale as well as Copenhagen neck function disability scale of group A when contrasted to group B & C also substantial improvement in group B when contrasted to group C. There was a substantial improvement in neck flexion as well as neck extension range of motion of group A when contrasted to group C also a substantial improvement in neck extension range of motion as well as neck extension of group A when contrasted to group B. There was no substantial difference in right also left neck side bending as well as right and left neck rotation ROM among post-treatment groups (p > 0.05). 

Conclusion: In chronic mechanical neck pain, both laserpuncture and acupoint focused ultrasound are effective modalities for treating chronic mechanical neck pain respectively but Laserpuncture is more effective than acupoint focused ultrasound and conventional treatment in pain, function, neck extension range of motion and also is better than conventional treatment in neck flexion range of motion.

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