Age Estimation Using Exfoliative Cytology and CBCT – A Comparative Study

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Kalaiselvi Santhosh
Anu Sushanth A
Sasirekha. B
Ishwariya Krishnan
Niroshini Rajaram


Age estimate, exfoliation cytology, cone beam computed tomography, and pulp-tooth area ratio


Introduction: One of the most crucial steps in establishing someone's identification is making an educated guess about their age. One method is exfoliate cytology (EC), which involves painlessly and easily collecting unharmed cells from the oral cavity for microscopic examination. Pulp-to-tooth area ratio (PTR) measurements utilising cone beam computer tomography (CBCT), which is a 3D image of teeth in living humans, are another innovative nondestructive way of age estimate
The motivation behind this study is to decide a singular's age by estimating the pulp-to-tooth area ratio (PTR) of maxillary canines through the utilization of three-layered cone beam computed tomography (CBCT),(CBCT),and by analysing the average cell size of buccal smears through the use of image morphometric software in exfoliative cytology.
From 100 patients who seemed to be in good health, buccal swabs were obtained. The pulp and tooth regions were marked using the Kodak 9600 3D digital imaging device on the CBCT images of the mandibular canines.
Results: Using a paired t test, we found that there was no significant difference between the predicted age and the actual age using cell size and the pulp-tooth area ratio (P > 0.05). In the current investigation, CBCT and EC both yielded similarly accurate ages based on the pulp-tooth area ratio.

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