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B Hill-Taylor
IS Sketris
DM Gardner
K Thompson


Benzodiazepines, zopiclone, STOPP criteria, screening tool, inappropriate prescribing, aged



Optimization of prescribing in older adults is needed. The STOPP criteria provide a systematic way of identifying potentially inappropriate prescribing in this population. Previous research indicates poor concordance between benzodiazepine prescribing and STOPP.


To determine the extent and predictors of benzodiazepine and zopiclone (BZD -Z) pharmacy dispensations in older adults with a history of a recent fall, in concordance with STOPP.


Prescription claims data from the Nova Scotia Sen iors’ Phamacare Program were linked with fall -related injury data from the CIHI Discharge Abstract Database. Adults aged ? 66 years making a claim for a BZD -Z in the 100 days prior to fall -related hospitali zation were identified. Their BZD -Z claims in the 100 days following discharge were also identified. Descriptive statistics, trend tests and logistical regression modelling were performed to examine predictors for continued use of BZD -Z post -fall.


Over 5 years, from a pool of 8,271 older adults discharged following a fall -related hospitalization, 1,789 (21.6%) had made a claim for a BZD -Z in the 100 days prior to admission. Of these, 82% were women. Younger age and female sex were predictors of continuing BZD -Z dispensations post -fall. In the 100 days following discharge, 74.2% (n=1327) made a claim for at least one BZD -Z.


BZD -Z use continued in 74% of patients following discharge from a fall -related hospitalization, representing limited concordance with the STOPP criterion. Such hospitalizations and follow -up care present an opportunity to address an ongoing modifiable risk factor.

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