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Deeptha R.
R. Neelaveni
R.Pavithra Guru


Cyber security, vulnerability, penetration testing, website scanning


In today’s world, cyber security has become an important leap in the form for jobs, education. But the reality is the only a few are aware of the major wed vulnerabilities. Some statistical studies show that small scale industries are directly and indirectly connected to the world of internet, but penetration testing, we are going to do this project. In a website if there are any vulnerability, the website can easily hack. So, using penetration testing we are going to built a scanner which will find the vulnerabilities the website. With the help of vulnerability scanning in a website, inspection of the potential points of exploit on a website to identify security holes. A vulnerability scan will deduct and classifies system weeness. It will also deduct bugs in a website and communication equipment. It will predict effeteness of counter measure.

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