Quality Assessment of Gypsum Soils of Mirzachol Oasis

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Shakhobiddin M. Turdimetov
Zarina A. Khudoyberdiyeva
Asqar T. Tadjibayev


Gypsum, alluvial, loess deposits, groundwater level, gray soil, meadow-gray soil, meadow soil, soil salinity, quality assessment, humus, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium


There are many factors that affect the quality of the soil, and they can be different depending on the characteristics of the regions. The article provides information about the properties of soils located in different regions of the Mirzachol oasis. To compare the properties of soil samples, soils with different degrees of gypsum were selected. Soil mechanical composition, agrochemical properties, carbonate and gypsum content, water absorption analyzes were studied and compared. Factors affecting the quality assessment of the soil have been identified.

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