Premature-Multiple Stage Brain Tumour Detection and Localization using a Fusion of K-Means Clustering and Patch-based Processing

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Sethuram Rao G
Pavithra K
Boomikha E
Rahul M
Padmanaban V
Dhanush Shobin G


Magnetic Resonance Image, K-means clustering, Patch based algorithm, segmentation, Tumor


Brain Tumour is a significant global health issue that results in high mortality rates. Early detection and treatment are crucial for a successful patient recovery. Brain MR images are used to obtain critical tumour characteristics such as location, size, and type to accurately diagnose the disease. This study proposes an efficient approach to detect and locate brain tumours in MR images using a fusion of k-means clustering, patch-based image processing, and object counting. The experimental results conducted on 20 MR images with ground truth show that the proposed technique is capable of detecting multiple tumours despite differences in intensity level, size, and location. The simulated results of the proposed method outperform other existing techniques, with average values of precision, accuracy, specificity, and dice score of 98.48%, 99.89%, 99.99%, and 95.88%, respectively.

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