Telemetry Monitoring of An Environment Using Robot

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Sree Southry S
Vinayagapriya S
Yugendran K M
Varshni Soundarya R


Telemetry monitoring, voice commands, obstacle avoidance, streamed live, two-way communication


In many places, higher officials will patrol every area to keep an eye on how things are working and functioning. It could be challenging for the higher officials to finish all the locations in a day due to the broad geographical coverage. To create a proxy for this, we have made "Telemetry Monitoring of an Environment using Robot" as a stand-in for the higher officials. The Google assistant, which is wirelessly connected to Node MicroController Unit (Node MCU), receives voice commands for our robot. It will obey the user's command to arrive at the desired location. The robot will also use an ultrasonic sensor for obstacle avoidance. This enables the robot to avoid potential roadblocks. The surroundings are observed as it is being streamed live using a Wi-Fi camera and two-way communication. This system provides a platform to monitor any location in a workplace for the user from anywhere.

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