Health-Promoting Behaviours among Nursing Students in Saudi Arabia: A Systematic Review

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Ahmed Alsadoun


Health, Health Promoting Behavior, nursing students, Arab Region


Background: Health promoting behaviors are concerned with the balance diet, proper sleep, stress management, healthy coping strategies, spiritual growth, cancer & other physical diseases ‘prevention and promoting the healthy physical exercises for living healthy. The nursing students’ health promoting behavior is direct link with their services given to the patients the more the health promoting behaviors the more effectively provide the services.
Aim: The aim of the current study is to evaluate and examine the health promoting behaviors among the nursing students in Saudi Arabia.
Method: An analysis of the grounds for the fundamental Kitchenham systematic review technique. Statistics acquired from the Arab region indicate that articles written between 2003 and 2021. Finding, screening, evaluating eligibility for, and included the studies in the method with relation to the targeted concern.
Results: 23 articles were reviewed in this systematic review out of 48, 469. The studies were selected based on research questions, which further divided into 4 syntax. After screening, selection, identification and including step, the researches were used in this systematic review.
Conclusion: The nursing students’ health-promoting activities are related to their personal, religious, and spiritual elements. It also relies on how physically active nursing students are because the more they do that, the more they will display behaviors that are good for their health and that are also good ways to deal with stress. As a result, training programs for physical fitness, spiritual development, and personal development

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