Impact of Educational Program Toward Autism spectrum disorder on caregivers’ knowledge at Autism Center in Kirkuk City

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Idrees Hasan Mohammed
Hewa Sattar Salih
Bahar Nasradeen Majeed


Educational Program , Autism , Kirkuk City


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders occurring in early childhood period, characterized by persistent deficits in social communication and interaction with restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities. A quazi-experimental study was carried out at Autism Center for autism at Kirkuk city starting from (15th November 2021) to (1 st february 2023 ), in order to planned apply an Educational program regarding autistic child to help Caregivers increase their knowledge more to find the relationship between Caregivers knowledge and their general information. A purposive (non-probability) sample of (40) Caregivers were selected from Pediatric Hospital in autism center at Kirkuk city to participate in the program. The program includes several lectures to teach Caregivers about autism and their work test before and after the program for Caregivers to measure the Impact of the program. The Questionnaire format prepared for the purpose of the study and consists of two parts, the first part is related to general information data of children and their Caregivers and the second part is related to Caregivers knowledge for their autistic children represent like a multiple choice which consists of (8) aspects for knowledge and divided into sub-items which to consisting of (56) items. A descriptive statistical analysis procedure like frequency, percentage and mean of score and standard deviation. In addition an inferential analysis procedure (correlation coefficient and ANOVA) were used to analysis the data. The result shows that there is no significant association between Caregivers (Age Groups, Occupation, Family Type, Marital Status, and Economic situation) and their knowledge concerning autistic child, while there is statistical significant association between Caregivers (level of education) and their knowledge at (pre-test& post-test).The Caregivers knowledge were low about autism spectrum disorder of the beginning of an educational programs of autism. The Caregivers knowledge concerning autistic of their children are increasing at post-test and become high at acceptable knowledge level after the beginning of an educational program.The study recommended providing an educational courses for Caregivers attending the autistic center and providing an educational materials like posters, guidelines, leaflets and brochures in autism centers to educate their mass media condition important especially television for Caregivers to educate their.

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